Exploring an Alberta Police Service

Policing is changing across Canada and throughout the world. Many provinces and municipalities are looking at policing models that increase civilian oversight, provide more frontline police officers, and improve service levels.

What would you change about policing if you could?


Re-thinking provincial and municipal policing is happening all over Canada. The federal government is undertaking an assessment of RCMP contract policing. Alberta needs to be able to lead this discussion by designing a new provincial police service with improved civilian oversight, more frontline police officers, and improved service levels.

Reimagine what policing can be. Open your mind to how law enforcement can better meet the needs of your community. Imagine a future where you and others have the right policing services and resources at the right place and time, anywhere in Alberta.

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What's happening


The Alberta government is looking at how best to meet our communities' specific needs. Under the RCMP contract, policing is the same for all eight provinces, three territories, and several municipalities that use these services. The group contract provides little opportunity to meet the distinct needs of each area. Many people across Canada are calling for a re-think of RCMP contract policing.

We already have many different police services in Alberta today. Cities like Edmonton and Calgary have municipal police services that provide responsive policies and programs to their communities.  First Nations police services provide excellent, culturally appropriate policing services for First Nations in Alberta.

A new Alberta Police Service would not replace policing everywhere in the province. The change would apply only to communities that receive contract policing from the RCMP today. There would also be new opportunities for collaboration between provincial police and municipal and First Nations police services. The ultimate goal is keeping all Albertans safe.

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New opportunities to keep Albertans safe.

Key points for municipalities

for municipalities

Municipal governments are important partners in Alberta's public safety system.

Some municipalities and First Nations already have their own services. Many others are exploring the possibility of setting up their own. Alberta’s government is supportive of this work and has a grant in place to assist municipalities in taking this work on (you can read more here).

For smaller communities that are unable to set up their own police service, Alberta’s government believes that having an Alberta Police Service will allow us to have more boots on the ground, better civilian oversight, increased local input, and less bureaucracy.

No Added Cost for Municipalities

The provincial government has committed that municipalities would pay the same, or less, for an Alberta Police Service compared to what they pay under the RCMP contract policing model. This would be the same for municipalities policed under the Provincial Police Service Agreement as well as for municipalities that contract for the provincial police's services.

Increased Input

An Alberta Police Service would have a reformed governance model that includes a provincial police commission and local commissions to give municipalities more say in setting policing priorities and performance targets, both provincially and at the local level, compared to the federal government's contract policing model.

Increased Service

An Alberta Police Service would have more front line police officers in rural areas, compared to the RCMP contract policing model. More police officers in detachments all across Alberta means greater coverage, reduced response times and lower case loads per officer. Learn more here.

Why is this happening?


The Alberta government is halfway through its agreement with the federal government to contract for RCMP policing services. That agreement includes seven other provinces and the three territories. Some municipalities and Indigenous communities also use these services.

For decades the federal government has been looking for a way to decrease how much it pays for the various RCMP contract policing arrangements. Many other provinces and municipalities are also considering establishing their own provincial or municipal police services. We want to be at the forefront of determining the best policing model for our province.

Learn more about what Albertans are imagining for the future of law enforcement in our home province.

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What we know


An informed decision about the best possible provincial police service for Albertans needs to be based on research and consultation. To begin, the Alberta government asked for a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international accounting and consulting organization.

The report found many opportunities associated with the transition to a provincial police service. It offered many options for how an Alberta Police Service would look. It also showed what would be involved in a transition and what it would cost.

Learn more about the possibilities that come with a provincial police service.

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The future of
provincial policing

Imagine a future where you and others have the right police services and resources at the right place and time, anywhere in Alberta.

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