The subject

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Explore the values and guiding principles for an Alberta Police Service.

The Subject

The Heart of the Matter

THE subject

Considering every possibility for the future.

Exploring an Alberta Police Service is about imagining how we can better align policing services with local needs.

It's about asking whether the RCMP’s mandate is too big and stretched too thin across Canada.

It's about asking if the RCMP, a federal police service responsible for national security and organized crime, should also be conducting traffic enforcement in small town Alberta.

It's about considering what's possible instead of what's been done in the past.

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The Subject

How we got here

the origins

Alberta had its own provincial police from 1917 to 1932. Since then the RCMP has been Alberta's contracted provincial police service. For decades, people have considered and debated the possibility of Alberta returning to its own provincial police.

For many, this conversation is inspired by the desire to:

  • Improve civilian oversight
  • Adjust detachment staffing and service levels
  • Tailor provincial policing to the needs of our communities
  • Provide Indigenous communities with support in developing their own police services

This conversation has taken on a new importance and urgency in recent years.

After a century of RCMP service, this is an exciting chance to imagine, innovate, and modernize police services in Alberta. The Details section explores the opportunities.

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Moving forward

Every Albertan is unique—just like our communities. We are hard working, engaged, and innovative. Doing things the same way just because they've always been done that way isn't how things work in Alberta.

Frontline RCMP officers have worked hard to keep our communities safe. We recognize and appreciate their dedication.

However, Alberta’s contract for province wide policing lies with the federal government – not with the RCMP. This is an important distinction, as our concerns are with the federal contract, which over the years, has prevented successive governments from significantly improving policing at the local level.

RCMP's Federal Policing Mandate

If Alberta were to create its own provincial police, the RCMP would still continue to have a large presence in Alberta. The RCMP is Canada's federal police force. It enforces federal laws in every province, including Alberta, and handles border integrity, national security, drugs and organized crime, cybercrime, financial crime and international policing.

Learn more about the RCMP's federal policing mandate.

Learn More

Learning from others

We learned from provincial police services in Ontario and Quebec. We've also created a series of webinars featuring subject matter experts from across Canada. These experts are sharing their viewpoints and experiences on specific topics, including how different policing models can meet diverse community needs.

The webinars are available under the 'webinars' section.
The Subject

Where we're going

for alberta

Values of a new Alberta Police Service

The law enforcement discussion includes mental health, addictions, housing, and many more crucial social topics.

We used the following values to start reimagining the foundation for a new provincial police service:


Community engagement should be at the heart of policing. Establishing connections between the police and communities is essential.


Policy actions, decisions and communications should be transparent. This is important for building trust and to ensure honesty and openness with communities.


People and communities should be treated fairly and respectfully at every point of contact. Effective police oversight and continuous training on diverse needs would help ensure fairness.

Responsive and Collaborative

Policing services should be timely and be collaborative with communities and social services to reflect the diverse needs of communities.

Efficient and Integrated

A provincial police service must be integrated with other provincial agencies for best results.


Services should be consistent and dependable everywhere in the province.

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The Subject

How we'll get there

Guiding Principles

The next step was to figure out how a future Alberta Police Service would embody our values in its actions. Here are some examples:

Consistent Goals


Ensure rural, urban and Indigenous communities have consistent public safety goals.

Service Efficiencies


Use the provincial government's contracts and resources, other efficiencies and service integration for positive results and consistent service levels.

Local Training


Develop police training specifically focused on Alberta's needs while serving communities that are multiracial, multicultural and have diverse beliefs.



Collaborate with policing providers, partner organizations and communities for the best community policing outcomes.

Strong Oversight


Build confidence, legitimacy and consistency through strong police oversight, procedural fairness, operational structures, policies and procedures.

Evidence-based Innovation


Build an organization that learns and promotes evidence-based innovation.



Adopt a people-centred approach that responds to the needs of individuals and communities.



Build a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves.

Wellness and Respect


Prioritize the health, wellbeing and dignity of policing's diverse workforce.

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The future of
provincial policing

Imagine a future where you and others have the right police services and resources at the right place and time, anywhere in Alberta.

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